Silver Ore Crushing And Screening

Silver Ore Crushing And Screening

Silver Ore Crushing Machine repair


The Silver Ore Crushing Machine is responsible for the very important crushing task. Basically, the large original rock is broken and broken, and due to the crushing principle, the Silver Ore Crushing Machine consumes very fast, so how to repair the Silver Ore Crushing Machine?

The Silver Ore Crushing Machine consists of a crushing chamber composed of two jaws, which are movable and quiet, and simulates the crushing machine of the material crushing operation by simulating the two movements of the animal. Therefore, the wearer of the Silver Ore Crushing Machine is relatively fast, and the middle and lower parts of the seesaw are particularly worn in the lower third, and the upper part is less worn. The wear of the jaws will affect the efficiency of the Silver Ore Crushing Machine. Therefore, it is necessary to repair the worn rafts. The repair methods for the concrete jaws of the Silver Ore Crushing Machine are as follows:

1. Sampling the materials. Sampling each batch of incoming materials and finding that the material properties have large fluctuations, timely adjust the main parameters of the crusher such as: clamp angle, eccentric shaft speed, output and motor power, etc. Adapt to reduce the wear of the seesaw.

Second, do the fastening work when installing the raft. Carefully tighten the new fascia and ensure that the fascia is in smooth contact with the surface of the body (moving, static). A plastic material such as lead plate, plywood or cement mortar can be placed between the two surfaces. The assembly requirement for the movable slab and the static slab is that the ridge of the raft is aligned with the gullet of the other raft, that is, the movable raft is in a substantially engaged state with the fixed raft.

Third, the material of the seesaw should be reasonably selected. The slab should be made of high hardness material to resist the failure of extrusion micromachining; materials with sufficient toughness should be used to resist the fatigue failure caused by chiseling impact. At the same time, the tooth plate structure has been improved to reduce the relative movement of the material and the tooth plate. Since the jaws are usually formed in a vertically symmetrical shape, the lower worn jaws can be inverted for use during minor repairs. The large-scale crusher jaws are made up of several pieces that can be used with each other to extend the life of the jaws.

Fourth, the surfacing method is used to restore the tooth shape. For the seesaw that has worn out, the surfacing method can be used to restore the tooth shape. Arc welding can be used for repair, or automatic submerged arc surfacing can be used. The repair of Mn13 cast steel slab is better with special wear-resistant welding rod. For the repair of non-Mn13 material rafts, it is possible to weld the brazing wire material by gas welding, which can achieve better results.

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