New Technology In Mini Stone Crusher

New Technology In Mini Stone Crusher

Measures to extend the life of the counter-plate of Mini Stone Crusher

During use, it was found that the counter-attack plate on the Mini Stone Crusher was prone to problems, resulting in high equipment failure rate and affecting normal production. In order to solve this problem, the technicians have studied and proposed an improvement measure for improving the wear resistance of the Mini Stone Crusher counterattack in terms of material and structure.

Counterplate material improvement

The counter-attack plate used in the existing Mini Stone Crusher is generally made of ZGMn13 material, which forms a hard and wear-resistant surface under impact load, and is a common wear-resistant material. After the material is improved, the counter-attack plate adopts ZGMn18Cr2. Compared with the original material, the alloy composition nickel is added, which is beneficial to improve the hardenability and improve the hardness after heat treatment. The chromium content of the material is increased by 2% to enhance the ability to form high hardness austenitic carbides and improve wear resistance.

Counterattack structure improvement

1. Increase the overall thickness of the counterattack

After the thickness is increased, a hollow weight reducing groove is designed on the back of the movable crusher counterplate, and a mesh reinforcing rib is formed between the groove and the groove to improve the strength and rigidity of the counterplate body and prevent cracks from occurring.

2. Improve the waveform of the counter-attack working surface

On the basis of the original waveform, the size of the peak radius, height, and peak spacing has increased to some extent. The change of the waveform size of the counterattack plate improves the extrusion and splitting action of the moving and fixed rafts on the ore, increases the bite force, and improves the crushing efficiency.

3, design anti-loose card hole

In order to prevent the backlash of the Mini Stone Crusher from loosening, two anti-loose block holes are designed on the back of the counter-attack plate, and correspondingly, the anti-loose fixing block is welded on the Mini Stone Crusher maneuver and the fixed plate.

4, increase the metal area around the screw hole

In order to prevent the edge of the screw hole of the Mini Stone Crusher from striking due to the strength drop, the metal area is increased around the screw hole on the back side of the counterattack plate, the weight reduction groove is not opened, and the edge of the screw hole is chamfered by the rod-shaped grinding wheel. Avoid stress concentration.

After the above-mentioned improvement, after the heavy load experiment on the site for half a year, the wear resistance of the Mini Stone Crusher counter-attack plate is greatly improved, the number of problems is significantly reduced, the Mini Stone Crusher works well, and the service life of the equipment is extended by 2-3 times. The efficiency of use has been greatly improved.

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