Marble Powder Plant Project Report

Marble Powder Plant Project Report

Marble Powder Machine research

The total energy of the grinding medium in the Marble Powder Machine, the energy of the single grinding medium and the specific surface area of ​​the grinding medium have a significant impact on the productivity, grinding efficiency and product size of the Marble Powder Machine.

There are many factors affecting the energy and specific surface area of ​​the grinding medium, including the speed of the Marble Powder Machine, the medium filling rate, the diameter of the Marble Powder Machine, the shape and size of the medium. Among them, the size, shape, ratio, filling rate, etc. of the medium itself are also the grinding medium system, which is a factor that affects direct and easy adjustment and change, and should be paid enough attention by the business owners in production practice.

The grinding medium ratio of the Marble Powder Machine can be calculated by the formula q1/q2=k(d1/d2)n. This formula not only provides a simple and practical medium ratio calculation method for production, but also further optimizes the medium distribution. It provides a mathematical basis.

The media ratio of Marble Powder Machine is selected as the grinding medium according to the choice of Marble Powder Machine feedstock and the narrow single-level matching spherical medium of the feedstock. This can not only improve the grinding efficiency, but also facilitate the grinding. The stability of production indicators is the premise of selecting the appropriate grinding medium ratio.

The ratio of suitable grinding media is related to grinding time, mine building viscosity and product fineness. Under normal circumstances, a Marble Powder Machine or a coarse Marble Powder Machine has a coarser feed size and a shorter grinding time. The Marble Powder Machine has a lower fine fraction and a lower viscosity. Therefore, according to The material particle size correlation method calculates the proportion of grinding medium. The feed size of the two-stage Marble Powder Machine or the re-moving crusher is finer, the grinding time is longer, and the viscosity of the slurry is larger. Therefore, if the content of the coarse grade in the feed is higher than the fine grade, it should be given Calculating the proportion of grinding medium by the method of particle size correlation; if the content of coarse grade in the feed is lower than the content of fine grade, the ratio of grinding medium can be calculated according to the equal density method to increase the proportion of the playing medium and improve the grinding. effectiveness.

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