Low Cost Stone Crusher Machine

Low Cost Stone Crusher Machine

Stone Crusher Machine industry development trend

Abstract: In 2015, the macroeconomic downturn, suppliers became more and more difficult, and the country’s industrial restructuring, supplier transformation and upgrading is imminent. Xue Yi, a senior marketing expert at the China Marketing Association, pointed out that domestic industry adjustments need time to work together. This situation will take one to two years to be basically normal. This situation is not only the Stone Crusher Machine industry, but almost all traditional industries are in the industry. Integration phase. According to the development of the industry, there will be suppliers with an annual output value of 200-300 million yuan in the future.

Recently, Mr. Xue Yi, a senior marketing expert of the China Market Association, a professor of the American Market Business Association, and an adjunct professor of the School of Management of Nankai University, visited China’s sandstone aggregate network. Li Hua, CEO of China Sandstone Aggregate Network, Wang Tingting, editor-in-chief of Media Center, and Xiao Xuyu, director of data center, warmly received Xue Zong. Xue Zong also had in-depth communication with the Chinese sandstone aggregate network media center, data center, and technical center personnel, and the current problems faced by the sand and gravel aggregate crushing and screening suppliers and the supplier’s business model and development strategy. In-depth discussion. Xue Zong admits that in the future, the Stone Crusher Machine industry will have a supplier with an annual output value of 2.3 billion yuan.

Xue Yi, formerly the deputy director of LG Electronics Group, the world’s top 500 LG Electronics Group, and the general manager of GF Co., Ltd. in Korea, entered the field of crushing and screening in 2008 and has a deep understanding of the operation of suppliers. The net name "Windwalker", in China’s sandstone aggregate network WeChat Baiyantang often publish its unique insights on crushing and screening suppliers.

In 2015, the macroeconomic downturn, the increasingly difficult days for suppliers, the country’s industrial restructuring, and the transformation and upgrading of suppliers is imminent. General Xue pointed out that over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, the domestic industrial stage has never been adjusted. At present, there is a bubble in the domestic economy. If the domestic industrial structure is not digested and purified, the future will be a disaster for the national economy. The adjustment of the national industrial structure is not immediately effective, and it takes a long time to run in. Therefore, this situation will take one to two years to be basically normal. This situation is not only the Stone Crusher Machine industry, but almost all traditional industries are in industrial integration.

In terms of the Stone Crusher Machine industry, the Yangtze River Delta will become the hardest hit area for this industrial restructuring. We will elaborate on the suppliers of Stone Crusher Machines in the Yangtze River Delta region. There are not many scales and there are fewer advanced management concepts. This time, the adjustment of the traditional industrial structure of the country is the result of the economic downturn. This is a necessary process. The Stone Crusher Machine industry is facing a huge crisis. The negative impact of the old-fashioned operation mode of the industry is gradually emerging. In the future industry, the industry will be in an adjustment period for a certain period of time to see who can persist. If this crisis is passed, suppliers will be reborn, but most suppliers are hard to get through.

Xue Zong said: “The Stone Crusher Machine industry is not specialized in the specialization of the operation. The main target customers are positioned in the construction of gravel aggregates in the mine, and the business expansion capability of contracting large projects is neglected. When the national economic policy is adjusted, except for a few suppliers, the entire industry is in a state of being helpless. ”

2015 is finally over, and the more difficult 2016 is coming, suppliers are looking for a breakthrough. The building materials industry has not been considered as a product since ancient times, and its emphasis is insufficient. It is hoped that the low-end industry of the Stone Crusher Machine will be able to operate in the future. The Stone Crusher Machine industry or machinery manufacturing industry is a non-profit-making industry. In the future, the machinery manufacturing industry will gradually enter the era of low profit. Whether the micro-profit suppliers can survive depends on whether the market competition is benign. Broken suppliers should reduce the price of the article, but should put more energy on the service.

Xue Zong pointed out that the entire industry is at the bottleneck stage, and this industry must be led by others. Talent competition and market refinement operation are the direction of future supplier development. The test of suppliers is professional and professional. Whoever can take this step first, who can seize the opportunity. Innovation requires a strategic mind and a business model to create a blue ocean. With the current situation of the Stone Crusher Machine industry operators, such strategic awareness and philosophy are not yet available.

Under the pressure of internal and external environmental adjustment, the development of crushing and screening industry will face tremendous changes, mainly reflected in the following: sales will be transformed to services, product marketing will be transformed to brand marketing, market competition will be transformed into talent competition, and customer competition will be The transformation to large customers, sales tactics will be transformed into strategic marketing, and the supply of complete sets of equipment will be transformed into a complete set of services.

The crushing and screening suppliers were small in size ten years ago and then developed rapidly. Different from engineering machinery and other industries, the Stone Crusher Machine industry is a relatively small industry. The annual output value of large-scale groups such as Heavy Industry has reached hundreds of billions, and the Stone Crusher Machine industry has not exceeded one billion yuan. According to the entire sand and gravel aggregate market and infrastructure construction, Xue believes that there will be suppliers with an annual output value of 200-300 million yuan in the future. China Sandstone Aggregate Network also hopes to guide and help suppliers in the long-term development through various channels during this difficult period, and provide practical support and help to the industry colleagues to resist the cold! At the same time, we also welcome people of insight from all walks of life to come to our network to exchange guidance and jointly explore the direction of the industry!

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