Leased Underground Mining Equipment For Sale

Leased Underground Mining Equipment For Sale

Underground Mining Equipment rolling bearing

When the Underground Mining Equipment is working, the grinding body is under the action of the centrifugal force of the rotating cylinder, and the bearing ferrule is subjected to a cyclic unloading load during the cycle of “rising parabolic drop”. When selecting the fit, the inner ring and the journal must be equipped with an interference fit. When the bearing is under load, the bearing does not produce a “wobble” phenomenon on the mating surface. The cooperation between the outer ring of the bearing and the bearing housing can be achieved by a transition fit.

Lubrication and sealing of rolling bearings

More than 80% of the actual use of rolling bearings is caused by excessive wear rather than fatigue spalling. Therefore, lubrication is often the key to the success of bearing applications. Considering the working environment of Underground Mining Equipments, lubricants should also play a certain sealing role. Has a good cooling effect and meets the requirements of good boundary lubrication characteristics. Grease is the type of lubricant for bearings for Underground Mining Equipments with low operating speeds, shock and heavy loads, and high dust. Non-soap based extreme pressure greases are recommended. Grease can fill the entire space of the bearing and the seat hole. This is good in dustproof and moisture-proof, and does not need to be replenished for a long time, so that the bearing life is high and the maintenance work is simplified, and the spring plate type sealing device is provided to prevent grease loss. At present, the speed of Underground Mining Equipments commonly used at home and abroad is between 18~41r/min, and the speed of large Underground Mining Equipments is lower. The seal of the bearing part of the Underground Mining Equipment can be sealed by a seal ring.

Rolling bearing assembly

The inner ring of the Underground Mining Equipment bearing has more interference and should be installed by heating. The temperature of the heating installation should be properly controlled. If the temperature is too high, the bearing will be damaged. If the temperature is too low, the expansion of the ferrule will be insufficient. The thermal expansion of the inner ring of the bearing steel can be found in the technical data provided by the bearing supplier or in the bearing application technical manual. A heating temperature of 80 to 100 ° C is sufficient for most of the interference fit bearings.

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