Jaw Crusher In Nigeria For Sale

Jaw Crusher In Nigeria For Sale

Jaw Crusher Fault Remedial Measures

Guide: When the jaw crusher is working, there are many types of faults. Here are some of the more common faults and the remedies for these faults.

For failures in the jaw crusher production, if it cannot be handled in time, it will cause delays in the production process, and it will cause more damage to the equipment. In time, the fault needs to be clear. The understanding is here to introduce the common faults in the production of the machine, as well as the remedies for these faults.

Failure 1, the host (commonly known as: boring car) suddenly stopped

The reason for the occurrence: 1. The eccentric shaft sleeve is loose, resulting in no gap between the frame and the bearing, so the eccentric shaft is stuck and cannot work. 2. The voltage in the workplace is too low, causing the jaw crusher host to encounter Bulk material, can not be broken; 3, bearing damage;

Remedial measures: 1. Reinstall or adjust the bushing of the eccentric shaft; 2. Adjust the voltage of the workplace to the working voltage of the host; 3. Replace the bearing;

Failure 2, the main pulley and the moving jaw are working normally, but the jaw crusher is stopped.

Cause: 1. The tension spring is broken; 2. The connecting rod is broken; 3. The bracket is broken or closed;

Remedy: 1. Replace the tension spring; 2. Replace the connecting rod; 3. Reinstall or replace the bracket;

Fault 3, the thrust plate support pad produces a crash sound

Cause: The jaw crusher spring is damaged;

Remedy: Replace the spring;

Failure 4, fly pulley shaft swing

Cause: 1. The shaft of the fly pulley shaft hole, the flat key or the shaft is worn and loose; 2. The rolling of the stone to the inner wheel causes the wheel housing of the flying pulley to crack; 3. The casting defect; 4. The sleeve is loose;

Remedial measures: 1. Wear the flat key, replace the flat key, or replace the eccentric shaft or flywheel groove; 2. Replace the fly pulley wheel housing of the jaw crusher; 3. Replace the eccentric shaft or the sheave; 4. Retighten Set;

Fault 5: Impact sound on fixed jaws

Cause: 1. The fastening bolts of the jaw crusher jaws are loose or fall off; 2. The upper and lower jaws of the jaws are too small to collide with each other;

Remedial measures: 1. Tighten the bolts or install the bolts that fall off; 2. Adjust the discharge opening to ensure the correct spacing between the two jaws;

The article mainly introduces the fault remedial measures of the jaw crusher, mainly the causes of the faults in five aspects and the introduction of the solutions. These faults are common faults in the production of the machine, and the causes and solutions are introduced. The main purpose is to help customers better realize the process of their processing and make the equipment better invested in production.

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