Gyratory Crusher Prices In South Africa

Gyratory Crusher Prices In South Africa

How to make the Gyratory Crusher achieve energy-efficient effect

For users who use Gyratory Crushers, they want to make their Gyratory Crusher energy efficient, so how can we do it? Here’s a look at the user:

1, follow the principle of breaking up step by step

Compared with the striking type Gyratory Crusher, the Gyratory Crusher has the disadvantage that the crushing ratio is small, the gap between the two rolls controls the size of the product, and the effect on the broken sheet-like material is poor, and the type is known. The shortcomings of the crusher should be avoided as much as possible to achieve better arrangement and reasonable use, and the advantages of high output, low power consumption and wide adaptability to moisture can be exerted. Therefore, the use of step-by-step crushing method in the Gyratory Crusher crusher can better make the Gyratory Crusher achieve high efficiency and energy saving. For example, when most shale raw materials are broken, it is less necessary to pass through the coarse crushing-medium crushing- The process of shredding, so the idea of ​​using a Gyratory Crusher to solve problems is unrealistic.

2, do a good job of repair

The surface of the Gyratory Crusher is often subject to wear and some grooves appear, which increases the gap between the two rollers of the Gyratory Crusher and reduces the crushing efficiency of the Gyratory Crusher. Therefore, the fineness of the raw material after the crushing of the Gyratory Crusher exhibits a sine wave state. If the stick is new or has just been repaired, the distance of the roller of the Gyratory Crusher is small, and the fineness of the crushing is also fine. However, after a period of use, the distance between the rolls becomes larger and larger, and the size of the broken pieces becomes thicker. This is a special phenomenon when the Gyratory Crusher breaks the raw materials. Therefore, when using the Gyratory Crusher, try to reduce the crushing effect of the crushing particle size from fine to coarse, and control the particle size of the crusher to the range allowed by the production process to ensure the quality of our products. In order to achieve this effect, we must constantly repair the roll surface of the Gyratory Crusher, in this way to maintain a smooth and consistent roll gap between the rolls, thus ensuring the fineness of the product, thus producing Products that meet the requirements.

3, the correct choice of raw materials

When the Gyratory Crusher is used to crush raw materials, not all of them can be crushed. For those with high hardness of pebbles or coal gangue, it is difficult to break the Gyratory Crusher, and it is flat (flaky). The raw material and the Gyratory Crusher are not very good, because the flat (flaky) material will break down from the gap between the two rollers during the crushing, so that the crushing effect is reduced. When we encounter the above-mentioned raw materials, we must use a cracker, such as a counter crusher or a hammer crusher.

4. Strengthen Gyratory Crusher management

If no one manages when the Gyratory Crusher is damaged, then the product produced by the Gyratory Crusher will not be good. For example, a brick factory that has just been newly built is a three-roller two-stirring process. The factory manager often said that the Gyratory Crusher is not used well, and the bricks have a rough appearance and the strength is not high enough, which is caused by the coarse grain size produced by the Gyratory Crusher. After the summary, it was caused by improper management of the Gyratory Crusher, and the Gyratory Crusher was still in use when the roll surface was severely worn. After identifying the cause, the plant immediately strengthened the management of the Gyratory Crusher and listed some measures to strengthen the management of the Gyratory Crusher, such as: regular inspection and repair.

If the user follows the above principles in production, the energy-saving effect can be achieved when using the Gyratory Crusher.

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