Granite Quarry Crusher For Sale

Granite Quarry Crusher For Sale

Granite Quarry Crusher technology and advantages

The Granite Quarry Crusher is referred to as the Granite Quarry Crusher, which is a common coarse crushing machine in the gravel production line. So what are the advantages of using a Granite Quarry Crusher to handle large ore materials in the problem sandstone production line? The specific analysis is as follows:

What are the advantages of using Granite Quarry Crusher for primary crushing of gravel production line?

1. High production efficiency

“The design of the deep cavity is such that the material does not block the material in the crushing chamber of the Granite Quarry Crusher, which in turn leads to a qualitative improvement in the overall production capacity of the equipment.

2, good wear resistance

The parts of the Granite Quarry Crusher are made of high-quality materials, which enhance the pressure resistance and wear resistance of the parts. The moving jaws are made of cast steel parts, and the eccentric shafts are processed by forging blanks to increase the reliability of components, and are highly durable.

3, a wide range of applications

The discharge opening has a large adjustment range, reasonable structure and small floor space, which can meet various processing needs of users, so it is widely used in the crushing production of many industries.

4, easy to maintain

The operation is simple in use, the maintenance of the Granite Quarry Crusher is convenient and fast, and the maintenance time of the downtime is reduced.

Grinding process line crushing process consisting of Granite Quarry Crusher

Generally speaking, in addition to a pretreatment equipment such as a Granite Quarry Crusher, a complete gravel production line will involve many other equipment, such as sand and sand making equipment & mdash; — sand making machine, washing Sand machine and conveyor equipment —— belt conveyor and so on. The specific sandstone production line crushing process is as follows:

Firstly, the sand and gravel are uniformly sent to the Granite Quarry Crusher by the feeder for preliminary crushing. Then, the produced coarse material is transported by the belt conveyor to the cone crusher for further crushing, and the finely crushed sand and gravel are sieved into the vibrating sieve. Two kinds of stones are used to meet the grain size of the sand making machine, and the other part of the material is returned and finely broken. A part of the stone of the sand machine is made into sand, which is cleaned by a sand washing machine (optional) to make finished sand, and another part of the sand machine is broken again to finally produce various sand materials that meet the requirements.

Granite Quarry Crusher crushing process

The Granite Quarry Crusher mainly adopts the work mode of the curved extrusion type to realize the coarse crushing of the large sandstone. When it is working, the motor drives the eccentric shaft to rotate through the pulley, so that the moving cycle is periodically close to and away from the fixed axis. Therefore, the material has multiple crushing such as extrusion, smashing, rolling, etc., so that the material is changed from large to small, and gradually falls until it is discharged from the discharge opening to complete the crushing.

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