Copper Mining Process Plant

Copper Mining Process Plant

choice of Copper Mining Process Machine

Many customers sometimes call to conduct related consultations when purchasing a Copper Mining Process Machine. What questions do we have to meet when purchasing a Copper Mining Process Machine? Are there any specific requirements? Which of the following should we basically meet when purchasing a Copper Mining Process Machine?

1. The crushing ratio is higher than 40. When the same granularity of the crushed product is required, the granularity of the incoming material is allowed to increase, which is beneficial to reduce the secondary blasting and meet the layout of single-stage crushing. Compared with the second-stage crushing, the process is simple. And greatly reduce the energy consumption per unit of crushing by about 30%.

2. The granularity of the product is controlled, and the device for adjusting the particle size is convenient and reasonable. Not only the particle size of the super-large diameter in the control product is less than 5%, but also the product with too fine particle size is small, that is, the crushing of the material is small. Adjustments can be made by hydraulics. Conducive to the overall energy saving of the process line.

3, can have automatic iron-discharging function, or equipped with flywheel overload protection to cut off the insurance pin, or safety clutch to ensure that the equipment is not threatened by metal foreign objects.

4, can be more suitable for materials with higher water content, and even use exhaust gas through the equipment as a drying heat source.

5, there are better system supporting requirements, especially with the feeding equipment capacity, location and screening configuration, not only can create conditions for the wider use of mining resources, but also can significantly increase production and reduce consumption.

6. The crusher can become the main engine of the mobile crushing station system. It is the intermediate link of mining and crushing without passing through or less than the automobile transportation, which makes the mining become continuous production and greatly reduces energy consumption.

The above six articles are only for reference. When you purchase the Copper Mining Process Machine, you should configure it according to your specific production site, so that it can be used for a long time or even in the future. It can also save a lot of troubles in the production process in the future. Less burden.

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