Cement Ball Mill For Sale South Africa

Cement Ball Mill For Sale South Africa

Cement Ball Mill

There are several different series of Cement Ball Mills developed by the company, and one of them is ore grinding, which is mainly used for grinding powder grinding. This paper focuses on the working principle of ore grinding in ore grinding production and A brief introduction to grindable materials, etc., to help you understand this product.

1. Cement Ball Mill application range

The Cement Ball Mill is mainly used for the grinding of ore materials. These materials are feldspar, fluorite, talc, iron ore, copper ore, calcite, phosphate rock and graphite and quartz.

2, Cement Ball Mill grinding principle

The ore material is first crushed by the crusher and then transported to the silo. The material in the silo then falls into the electromagnetic vibrating feeder, and the main purpose of the electromagnetic vibrating feeder is to uniformly feed.

The material fed from the feeder enters the Cement Ball Mill from the feed port and then falls onto the grinding disc of the grinding chamber. The grinding disc of the Cement Ball Mill is connected to the reducer, and the reducer is connected with the external motor. The motor drives the reducer to rotate at a high speed, and the material on the tray is centrifugally moved by the high-speed rotation to move to the material. The edge of the disc is located between the grinding roller and the tray.

The rotating tray moves with the animal material, and the material is pressed with a grinding roller. The roller sleeve on the grinding roller rotates with the material, so that the material is ground. The ground material becomes a powder, and then the powder is blown to the classifier by the hot air from the hot air furnace blown into the production line system.

The classifier is connected to the external variable speed motor, and the motor drives the classifier to rotate at a high speed. The fineness of the powder material that meets the requirements can be passed through the classifier under the driving of the wind, and the material whose fineness is not up to standard is dropped by the blade of the classifier and re-fall into the tray for secondary grinding. The material passing through the classifier will pass through the pipeline under the wind force, and the cyclone dust collector will be collected, and the incomplete powder material will be collected and collected with the wind to the bag filter installed behind the system, and the wind is collected. When it reaches the bag filter, it will be lost in the air.

The above is the principle of mineral grinding of Cement Ball Mill, and if the user is more curious about the installation equipment of the grinding production line, you can contact our customer service, we will be happy to help you.

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