Barite Ore Mineral Grinding Machine

Barite Ore Mineral Grinding Machine

Barite Ore Mineral Grinding Machine structure and parameters

Barite Ore Mineral Grinding Machine


The Barite Ore Mineral Grinding Machine produced by A&C Industrial Technology Group is suitable for crushing non-flammable and explosive mines, metallurgy and chemical industry, such as barite, limestone, ceramics and slag, with Mohs hardness not exceeding 9.3 and humidity below 6%. High-fine powder processing of more than 280 kinds of materials in building materials and other industries, the finished product size is adjusted in the range of 80-425 mesh (fine 1000 mesh). A 30-80 mesh coarse powder can be produced by adding special equipment inside the machine. Barite Ore Mineral Grinding Machines are sometimes referred to as vertical mills, Barite Ore Mineral Grinding Machines or ore grinding equipment.


  • Applications: Calcium carbonate crushing, gypsum powder processing, power plant desulfurization, non-metallic mineral milling, coal powder preparation, etc.
  • Applicable materials: limestone, calcite, calcium carbonate, dolomite, barite, talc, gypsum, diabase, quartz, bentonite, etc.
  • Feeding particle size: ≤15-≤25mm Processing capacity: 4-55t

     Barite Ore Mineral Grinding Machine performance characteristics


    • 1. Three-dimensional structure, small floor space, strong set, from the block to the finished powder independently into a production system.
    • 2. The fineness of the finished powder is uniform, and the screening rate is 99%, which is difficult for other milling equipment.
    • 3. The Barite Ore Mineral Grinding Machine transmission device adopts a closed gear box and pulley, which has stable transmission and reliable operation.
    • 4. All the important parts are made of high-quality steel, and the wear parts are made of high-performance wear-resistant materials. The whole machine has high wear resistance and reliable operation.
    • 5. The electrical system adopts centralized control, and the grinding workshop can basically realize unmanned operation and convenient maintenance.


    Barite Ore Mineral Grinding Machine working principle


    In the Barite Ore Mineral Grinding Machine main engine, a high-pressure spring with a pressure of 1000-1500 kg is fastened on the roller hanger. After starting work, the grinding roller rotates around the main shaft, and under the action of the high-pressure spring and the centrifugal force, it is pressed against the grinding ring, and the pressure is 1.2 times higher than that of the Raymond mill under the same dynamic condition, so the output is greatly improved. When the material to be ground enters the grinding chamber, it is shoveled by the blade and sent to the grinding roller and the grinding ring for rolling. After rolling, the powder is brought into the analysis machine along with the circulating air of the blower, and the qualified fine powder is mixed with the airflow into the cyclone. The device is the finished product, and the large particle material falls back to the regrind. The circulating air is returned to the blower and the above process is repeated, and the residual air is purified by the bag filter. When the wear of the grinding roller and the grinding ring reaches a certain level, the length of the high pressure spring is adjusted to maintain a constant rolling pressure between the grinding roller and the ring. This ensures a stable output.

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